Randall Leong

Randall Leong is a California Registered Geotechnical and Civil Engineer. He has over 40 years of experience in the geotechnical and construction materials testing field. Randall’s background includes extensive experience in laboratory and field testing of soils, concrete, aggregate, steel, and asphalt concrete.

Randall’s responsibilities include supervising preliminary site studies for the design, planning, and improvement of residential subdivisions, commercial, public facilities, bridges, wastewater treatment facilities, and underground utilities. He also has experience with prepared monitoring, load testing, evaluation, and reporting of tests conducted on construction products and building features. Randall contributes extensive experience in lime and cement stabilized subgrade treatments.

Randall is responsible for coordination, management and oversight of geotechnical engineering and related material testing, and special projects; forensic studies; expert witness testimony; client consultation; and preparation and review of technical reports.

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