January 9, 2020

American Canyon, CA (January 9, 2020) –SDG Commerce 330 is a 330,528 square foot wine storage and distribution center (warehouse) on a 15.24-acre parcel at the south end of the 35.85-acre parcel, and a Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide the 35.85-acre into three parcels. The project is located on the west side of the unimproved Commerce Boulevard extension north of Eucalyptus Drive, in the Recreation (REC) zoning district. The wine warehouse will be used for wine storage and wine-related storage and warehousing activities and will have a lot coverage of 49.9 percent. The warehouse was constructed with earth-tone concrete tilt wall panels at an average height of 35 feet. Fifty full-time and up to 30 part-time employees are anticipated. The development includes 32 loading docks, 3 grade level overhead doors, and provisions for future office spaces. ICC Stravinski hired MatriScope to provide services related to earthwork, cast-in-place concrete, masonry, structural steel, welding, and wood framing.