August 11, 2016

You may have seen that futuristic, yet rustic structure rising near the Sacramento river over in West Sacramento and wondered what it is. Wonder no more! You have discovered the hottest new indoor/outdoor event space in the area – The Barn!

The Barn is a 8,000 square foot waterfront indoor/outdoor entertainment venue with retail, lounge and restaurant. It’s unique, bridge-like organic shape was designed to seemingly defy gravity. Structured as a double cantilever, the Barn rises from two independent foundations then meets to form a canopy. The beams and trusses are constructed from glued laminated wood with intermittent steel reinforcements. The intricate structure is visible from within the two enclosed “pods” and from the exposed underside of the canopy. The shell of the structure was crafted using wood laid side-by-side in a singular direction, which created straight line generated curves. Shingle roofing was applied to finish the exterior.

The Barn has started hosting fun Friday night events hosted by Off the Grid, which brings together Street Food vendors from around the area, along with live music, cocktails and dancing. If you haven’t checked it out yet, they’ll be hosting events all season so you have plenty of opportunities coming up!